Stay in Borneo

During your stay in North Borneo

  1. Emergency alerts will be sent via WhatsApp, WeChat and email. This may be on local emergencies, insurgence, local government issued alerts, and natural disaster alerts such as strong wind, flood and earthquake alerts.
  2. Calls to our emergency numbers will be answered immediately by our Visitor Relations Manager during your stay. They will clarify your details and note down your immediate problems.
  3. Our Doctor On-Call will be patched in immediately if your problem is regarding a medical issue. However, please be reminded that we are NOT an emergency service provider. Please call the local emergency services number (999) to get immediate response from the hospital, police or fire department if you face any emergencies. However, we do arrange land ambulance, air ambulance and boat ambulance for inter-hospital transfers after the patient is stabilised by the local emergency services.
  4. Translators will be available with just a phone call away, 24 hours a day. They will be able to help you when you are facing problems with local authorities, hospitals, tour agencies or local businesses.
  5. You can also send us emails, WhatsApp or WeChat texts during your stay in Sabah to inquire about certain things. We will respond to you within 4-8 hours depending on the degree of importance of your problem and its complexity. Response time will be almost immediate if the question only requires a simple ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ answer.
We facilitate the following services should you find yourself in an emergency situation in North Borneo:
  • Coordination service for whatever problems you may face during your travels in Sabah.
  • Translator on-site service. A person who speaks your language and also the local language to guide you through whatever problems you may be facing.
  • Restocking of your prescription medications, including delivery to you in remote areas if needed.
  • Doctor/ Nurse on-site service. Represents the family to discuss with the local doctors regarding best treatment plans and offer detailed explanation to family members. Your personal doctor friend with you, 24 hours a day.
  • Medical referrals and coordination with local hospitals if any transfer or expertise needed are not available in the local area.
  • Negotiations and application for approvals for hospital admissions in private hospitals through your travel insurance. Our Medical Director may need to get more personal details and talk to you further before contacting your travel insurance provider.
  • Arrangement for Medical Evacuation Services (Medevac) by land, sea or air if you are stuck in any remote locations.
  • Arrangement for repatriation services back to home country.
  • Driver and vehicle on-site services. In times of emergency, you may like to have your own transport to move around. We will provide this service to you if your situation needs it.
  • Logistic support such as booking and checking-in for hotel rooms, arranging for transport, childcare services and changing of flight tickets during times of emergency.