Terms and Conditions

  1. Please read these terms and conditions of use carefully before accessing, using or obtaining any materials, information, products or services. By accessing, the Borneo Assist website, mobile or tablet application, or any other feature or other Borneo Assist platform (collectively “Our Website”) you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions and our Privacy Policy.
  2. Borneo Assist Program IS NOT AN INSURANCE POLICY.
  3. The Borneo Assist Program is wholly managed by Doctors On Call Sdn Bhd. (1149664-M)
  4. The Borneo Assist Program (BAP) will take effect and end at midnight (0001hrs to 2400hrs) on your selected dates. This will be reflected in your confirmation email. Please quote your reference number or your full name when you call our help line.
  5. If you click for the program to start immediately, it will start exactly 24 hours after the initial payment is received. This exact time will be stated in your confirmation email.
  6. All extra services are chargeable and will be related to you before a service is offered or carried out. This can be either verbally, via phone through voice call or texts, or via emailed quotation, depending on communication options available at your location.
  7. Payment must be made prior to deployment of any service provider or medical team once you agree to the terms and price.
  8. We suggest you purchase a separate travel insurance policy to have full protection of your travels. Please be reminded that travel insurance policies may not cover all services that are provided by us. Our medical director will discuss with your insurance provider and inform you if the particular service is covered by your insurance. We will not be liable regarding dispute of claims you may have with your insurance provider.
  9. For clarity, our services include information, coordination and consultation services only.
  10. We accept no liabilities for medical consultation by phone. You will be advised to see the nearest physician for an urgent assessment whenever possible. However, it is critical for our doctors to do online triaging to assess the urgency of your condition to arrange for the most suitable mode of transfer if needed.
  11. Information: With this, you give us legal rights to represent you when discussing with other medical providers. Information relayed to us by the primary team will be relayed to you as soon as practicable. This information will be kept confidential and not be relayed to a third party unless agreed by you. This information may need to be relayed to your insurance provider by our Medical Director or his representative to make further arrangements for transportation or medical treatment.
  12. We suggest that you disclose to us any pre-existing medical conditions for easier management during emergencies.
  13. You will be informed at all times prior to us providing a service which is chargeable unless in dire emergencies.
  14. If you are not capable, we will assume the next-of-kin mentioned in the initial form to be your representative. Any medical procedures or clinical decisions will be discussed with him/ her if no next-of-kin is available on-site. However, if unable to contact the next-of-kin, life saving procedures will be authorised by our medical director if needed.
  15. We do not provide any consultation regarding in depth laws of Malaysia other that usual norm of practice. We will not be able to assist in any activities deemed suspicious or criminal within the laws of Malaysia. A lawyer will be referred to you in case there are any law enforcement issues during your stay in Borneo. Lawyer fees will be charged to you separately.
  16. As our service coverage if very wide, when unsure please call our helpline to confirm if a particular service is provided.
  17. Only prior registered persons in the program will be eligible for our service. All names and personal details of each family member must be registered with us for a family plan. Non-registered family members will not be eligible for our service.
  18. Doctors On Call may limit, suspend and stop providing services to you if you fail to comply with these Terms and Conditions. In these cases, we will endeavour to give you advance notice. You will be entitled to a full refund of your initial payment in these cases.
  19. If you are representing another person to participate in our program, we presume the intended person registered with us has been informed and agree on these terms and conditions.
  20. Please be reminded, we are NOT an emergency service provider. Please call the local emergency services such as the hospital, police or fire department if you face any emergencies.
  21. Our coverage area is the whole state of Sabah, Labuan and North of Sarawak (Miri and Lawas)
  22. Refund Policy
    • If you terminate the use of our service in the middle of the active cycle (during the dates of service), no refund will be accorded to you.
    • This is a standby consultancy and coordination service that gives you peace of mind during your travels to North Borneo. No charges will be refunded if the service is not used during your stay.
    • A full refund of our signup charges will be accorded to you if you change your mind about joining the program within 48 hours of online payment. However, this must be before the travel dates (active cycle) stated during the sign up. Once the travel date has started, no refund will be possible.
    • A refund will not be possible if you sign up for the immediate activation program. An immediate activation means that you will have access to our service after a minimum of 24 hours after online payment until the end date.
  23. If there is any dispute, the English version of this Terms and Conditions should be referred to.