General Questions

1What is the coverage area of the Borneo Assist Program?
At present, our coverage area is North Borneo, which include the whole state of Sabah, Federal Territory of Labuan and Northern Sarawak (Miri and Lawas).
2What is the difference between the Borneo Assist Program and a standard Travel Insurance?
  1. Borneo Assist is not an insurance. It is a bridge between you and your insurance provider. We represent you and your interest in times of need. We will be beside you 24 hours a day to make sure you get the most out of your travel insurance.
  2. Some of our services are claimable from standard travel insurance but some are not. Our doctors will negotiate with your insurance providers to get the best treatment for you.
  3. We strongly suggest that you buy travel insurance when you are visiting Sabah.
3What are the charges for the Borneo Assist Program?
  1. To participate in the Borneo Assist Program, you are charged a one-time fee before your trip. If you are travelling with your family, you are allowed to buy a family plan which includes a maximum of 2 adults (you and your legal spouse) and 2 children under the age of 18.
  2. You have a choice to choose the duration for your travel to Borneo. Final charges will be shown in the checkout page once you have chosen the duration of your stay. Please be reminded that you have to join the program at least 24 hours before you can use our services. It is vital that you buy our services before your trip to ensure a stress free holiday for yourself and your family.
  3. If you have already landed in Kota Kinabalu or any other major city in Sabah, you can still join the program before you embark on your travels around Sabah. Like most tourist coming to Sabah, they would usually travel long distances in Sabah to enjoy our natural beaches and highlands, flora and fauna. Joining the program before embarking on these tours would ensure you are safe and secure during your trip. Just keep in mind that our service only starts 24 hours after you join.
  4. This payment can be done online via the multiple payment methods through our website.
  5. Once payment have been received, you will receive an email confirming your participation in the program and also our full terms and conditions. You will also receive a card which carries all the required information if you need our service. Please print this card out and keep it with you during your travels.
4What services are included in the initial fee?
  1. Generally, if services are provided over the phone, it will be free and already be included in the initial payment.
  2. Our Doctor’s over the phone triaging are FREE and NOT chargeable.
  3. Doctor’s consultation over the phone, translation services via phone, emails answered etc are FREE and NOT chargeable.
  4. Customers may also be attended in person for free by our doctors/translators if they are in the Kota Kinabalu area.
5What services are chargeable?
  1. Any cost to be charged to you will be informed to you or your next-of-kin over the phone or on Wechat, WhatsApp, and email BEFORE the services are carried out. You will not be charged anything not informed to you before it is carried out unless in dire emergencies.
  2. Any services that need our staff to travel and come to your location will incur cost of travel and encumbrances except in the Kota Kinabalu area.
  3. Daily and hourly rates for attending managers, translators, doctors will be informed to you before any deployment is undertaken.
  4. Services like hotel rooms, transportation and aircraft provided are also chargeable and cost will be informed to you.
  5. All payment are to be made before any deployment is undertaken.
6What services can be claimed from my travel insurance?
  1. Our medical director will represent you to speak to your travel insurance provider to get covered services for you. For example, medical evacuation (medevac) by helicopter. Our Medical Director will present your clinical case and the local scenario to the insurance company which may not be familiar with the situation you are in. He will act on your behalf and coordinate with your travel insurance company for the medevac and for the insurance company to pay for the cost.
  2. Other services may also be claimed from the insurance company depending on the policy you buy.
  3. We will issue a detailed receipt for any payment to us or third party providers so that a claim can be done after the emergency is resolved. We will also help with the medical report and other claim documents if needed.
7Can I call Borneo Assist if I have a medical emergency such as a heart attack?
No. Please call the local emergency services number, 999 for immediate response by the hospital, police or fire department in any life threatening emergency. You are advised to call Borneo Assist as soon as the emergency situation is over for us to advice you on your next course of action or to help you understand the local system of dealing with these emergencies.